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Azure Modern Managed Service 

Securing of the complete operational activities on the Azure Platform up to 24x7x365 operation aligned with your digital transformation strategy and at 100% budgetable costs.

PlanB. Azure Modern Managed Service

Using PlanB. Modern Managed Service leads you to take advantage of our Lighthouse Azure experts who take over the securing of the complete operational activities on the Azure Platform. Right from the start, we are there to advise you and take over the conception as well as the server and platform management. We are providing on-site DevOps engineering as well as managed Remote Operations for Azure based solutions. Both, the On-site and the Remote Operations will be provided by dedicated Teams, where the remote operations team will operate up to 24x7x365.

You can concentrate on your core business.


PlanB. Azure Modern Managed Service in concrete terms means:

  • Proactive Management

  • Monitoring Mangement

  • Incident Management

  • Problem Management

  • Innovation Management

PlanB. Proactive Management Cockpit

Differentiated Azure Modern Managed Services strategy tailored to your company.

PlanB. Azure Modern Managed Service is always considered holistically with your value chain.


With our approach, we are close to you, to

  • drive innovation

  • recognize needs and trends

  • react quickly to your requirements


Our modern managed service approach and underlines the necessary flexibility, which is also positively valued by our customers in projects.

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"Our mission is to provide outstanding digital solutions that excite and inspire, and bring our customers even closer to their goals. Based on 100% Azure Technologies we see ourselves as a cooperation partner for digitization and associated digital transformation with focus in areas like Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence and New Working Methods. We always focus on innovative product and solution ideas for a maximum of business benefit."

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Why PlanB.
PlanB. is a strategic partner for digitization and associated digital transformation based on cloud technologies. Thereby we not only think on innovative software solutions, but always on the future of our customers as a digital company. We support our customers during the entire life cycle of a solution.

Our 100% commitment to Microsoft Azure technologies leads us to rely on decades of product experience and expert knowledge combined with the use of suitable and proven project methods and operating models.

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